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Learn To Fly 2 Unblockedlearn to fly 2 unblocked

Learn to Fly 2 Unblocked The Emperor Strikes Back is a penguin game. It is a sequel to the first series of the game Learn 2 Fly. This game is a light-hearted game. This game is from the developer Light Bringer. This game is a very easy to play. In this game, the player has to try and get the penguin in altitude and distance. The player in the game is rewarded game dollars for the duration of time they are up in the air, the speed they take to reach the air, the damage the player cause and for altitude. The control for this game is simple, the player just has to move the space bar left to right and right to left for the boost.
In Learn 2 fly 2 unblocked they are 3 different modes of game to choose from instead of one simple mode. This is good for the one who loves to play lengthy games as the game is lengthy. The three modes of this game are a classic mode, story mode, and arcade mode.

Classic Mode: This game is simple and same as the first game. The player just has to try and get the penguins far as possible. This mode of game has no obstacles and no gimmicks.
Story Mode: This mode of the game allow the player to play the normal game with some obstacles, it adds a whole new element to the game. In this mode of the game, the player has to complete one challenge out of 35 challenges, has to achieve one of the many medals and has buy items from the bonus shop.
Arcade Mode: In the Arcade mode there are three different budgets where the player has to get the highest score if possible.

learn 2 fly

This game is quite addictive due to its simplicity. The player has to keep playing to unlock in order to play any further. This is a great way to keep the player hooked till the end.

Flash games have always been something that the game geeks always have had a thing for. The best thing about flash games is that they are easy to play and easy for anyone to get their hands and head on. Anyone and everyone could play flash games either by downloading them or simply by loading the games over the particular game sites which avail such awesome flash games. There are several games that are available on the internet which is recognized as flash games. Learn to fly 2 unblocked is one such game that gives awesome pleasure to the gamers in order to relax their mind after playing all those war stuff and robot stuff.

GameplayLearn to fly 2 unblocked

Learn to fly is a short game and gets loaded quite easily. After getting loaded the birds appear who are meant to learn to fly basically. There are several modes that one might select. Starting from the basics one might choose the story mode and learn the beginning of the game. There are other modes as well. Once one of the modes is selected the player is supposed to move their arrow keys and make the bird fly. The distance that the bird gets too covered is noted down and is listed once the bird falls down. There are several other options available that the player might browse through in order to know more about the game and to know more about the ways to actually be an expert in this particular flash game.

Thus these were some basic information on the flash game named learn to fly 2 unblocked. Once someone starts playing the game he or she might even come up with some extraordinary tips and tricks which eventually helps in order to score more as a matter of fact. Flash games have always been entertaining and learn to fly 2 is surely one of the best amongst them.

Learn To Fly 2 Secrets

There are tons of secrets in this particular game and listed here are a lot of these.

Offer a inch: Let us click in your funds from the shop to generate a buck. And for everytime you do so, you may receive 100 BP.
… he will consider a yard: Let us click in your hard earned money from the shop . Inform you that you should have the preceding medal to carry out. And you also may receive 100 BP with this particular activity. With this discovery, then you may receive 100 BP.
Revenge of the Brick: Let us utilize the brick as your own walker to ruin an obstruction and you’ll receive 100 BP being a reward. It’s Rob: you might be refueled in mid-flight from Rob (that chance is arbitrary and does occur just one time ). Comparable to additional keys, you receive 100 BP if detection that 1.
Boost ! You might find a way to re launch from the present place by stepping to the snow when using Zeus can it. But this chance can be arbitrary and just occurs once. Additionally, the game also rewards you with all 100 BP with this particular discovery.
Achievement: Just click on the decoration to Find 100 BP.

How to Play:

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to steer
  • Use spacebar to use a boost
  • Use the mouse to interact.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
  • You can play this game in full-screen mode to have the greatest experience.
  • Upgrade as soon as you can, it is the best way that can help you win this game easier.
  • Do follow some cheats and secrets above to play this game easier as well as earn rewards from the game.


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