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About Learn To Fly 3 Unblocked

learn to fly 3 unblockedOnline games have been around since the internet began and yet they are more popular than ever. Even with the realize of the high-end graphics consoles and the gaming PCs millions of people every day are still enjoying the simplicity of sitting down and playing an online game. Learn to fly 3 unblocked is one of those extremely popular online games; even though it has been around for around 3 years no it still receives around 90,000 plays every single month. I first played the game around 1 year ago when I was still at school and even to this date I still find it a very enjoyable online game. It’s not as great as I first thought it was because I have played it far too many times to still appreciate it however it’s still a fantastic online game and the game creators did an amazing job when creating it. There are many online games to suit everybody’s tastes however for me the most enjoyable gameĀ is LTF3
Learn to fly 3 unblocked is a fantastic game about a penguin who wakes up one morning with the ambition to fly, like thousands of other throw and object games this one evolves around points and upgrades with the sole purpose of trying to launch the penguin as far as possible.

More Information about the game

learn to fly 3It was built by some fantastic guys over at new ground who also work on a wide variety of other games that we enjoy on the web today, I would highly recommend you check out their other games at some point.
Learn to fly is actually a sequel of games and at the time of writing this, there have currently been 4 released to the public with a rumor that the 5th is on its way.

This website was set up for the sole purposes of allowing fans to play this specific game, as the sites only small it loads quickly, easy to navigate and allows you to access the game by simply visiting our homepage.
We have created a forum which we encourage you guys to use and discuss tips, walkthroughs, and high scores.

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